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TDE songstress SZA has announced a June release date for her long-delayed debut album, titled CTRL.

Earlier this week, the singer dropped a RZA-narrated video on social media, where she is posted in front of a stack of old TVs and computers… while announcing a June 9th release.

“Peace and blessings,” RZA says. “My name is RZA, from the almighty Wu-Tang Clan. I’m zoning in with my homegirl SZA. Self-savior, Zig-Zag-Zig Allah. Yeah, I think you could take that far, mama. Cut loose the drama. No melodrama. Rise to the top. Claim your karma. It’s my honor to drop this lesson. It’s my honor to give this blessing.”

RZA also narrated three separate videos SZA dropped on Instagram.

SZA has been waiting for the release of her debut for some time. Last October, she said she was quitting music, as she expressed her frustration with the album delays.

In January, she returned, announcing a February date and came and went. Now, it appears TDE has gotten things together for SZA.

Check out the IG visuals below:


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