Mila J Poses For Playboy

Mila J Poses For Playboy

Mila J turns up the heat, as she poses for Playboy in a sexy spread.

Though Playboy is… well Play, the Los Angeles bred singer keeps her clothes on for her feature. Rocking all-black, she sports a leather-studded mini-skirt that showcases her ASSets from behind, while rocking a see-through blouse in another.

“Every day I wear a little Playboy pendant around my neck,” Mila J said in her accompanying interview. “I always have it. It actually wasn’t a necklace. It was from a duffel bag from the Joyrich collaboration. I took it off the zipper thing and made it into a necklace.

“I’m obsessed with Playboy,” she added. “I guess I’ve always been comfortable with sexuality, so as a teen, it was just beautiful to me, not like, ‘You’re being bad,’ you know what I mean? It’s just about being. I’ve always thought we should be more like animals. Think about how many animals have sex for pleasure. We make life way too deep. Animals are all about what’s today, and we should take more cues from them.”

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Also, Mila J’s new project Dopamine is out now.