Future’s hit “Mask Off” has been in rotation for weeks, while also spawning a number of freestyles and remixes. The song is definitely a certified hit, but not everyone is feeling its subject matter.

If you’ve listened to “Mask Off”, it’s driven by a chorus that promotes drug use. “Percocets. Molly, Percocets. Percocets. Molly, Percocets,” Future raps, before adding: “Mask on. F*ck it, mask off. Mask on. F*ck it, mask off.”

New York rap vet Mysonne took it upon himself to call out Future with a remix of “Mask Off”, where he takes issue with the themes of the original .

“N*gga tell you ‘Molly, Percocet,’ huh? That’s what they said? I heard you,” he says on the intro. “I ain’t gotta take a mask off, ’cause I ain’t never put a mask on. Real n*ggas don’t hide they face. That fake sh*t ain’t gon’ last long.”

“Percocets. You on percosets. Percocets? What? You on percosets? You a fiend, n*gga. You a fiend,” Mysonne later concludes.

The rapper uses his bars throughout the song to expose what he considers a destructive path for hip-hop fans.

“These ni*ggas y’all follow is in the fast lane, going nowhere / Got you on the path to crash, so they don’t care / Try to tell you, but you don’t hear / Can’t see and it’s so clear / Real riders don’t co-sign no fake sh*t nowhere,” he raps.

“I ain’t tryin’ to offend y’all, but I ain’t here to pretend, y’all / Anybody tell you to take that sh*t, they ain’t your friend, y’all / Strongly recommend y’all start re-aligning your circle / Surround yourself by the wrong ones too long, that sh*t gon’ hurt you,” Mysonne adds in the second verse.

Listen to Mysonne’s “Mask Off (Remix)” above. Tell us what you think? Does he have a point? Or, is it just music?