Treach-Wack 100 Beef Heating Up: Treach Talking Peace, Wack100 Says No

Wack100 and Treach
via Instagram / Treach & Wack 100

While Drake and Tory Lanez and PARTYNEXTDOOR and Jeremih were all squashing their respective beefs this week, the issues between Treach and Game’s manager Wack 100 have escalated.

What first began as an issue between Treach and Funkmaster Flex, after the radio personality dissed the late Tupac Shakur, Wack 100’s name was thrown into the mix, because he too had previously dissed Pac.

Initially, Treach called out Wack, asking him to meet and fight as he made his way around Los Angeles. Wack seemed to oblige over the last few days, releasing a number of videos on Instagram saying he was actively seeking out the rapper to fulfill the request.

Although there were rumors of a confrontation, with Wack on the losing end, Treach took to Instagram on Friday, saying he’s still in Los Angeles and is now seeking a “peaceful resolution” instead of a fight.

Although it appears Treach had calmed down and is now calling for a truce, Wack isn’t having it. On Saturday (May 20), he recorded a series of videos saying he isn’t willing to settle their issues with a simple chat, but instead, wants to the two to meet and physically fight.

“The n*gga Treach call me out… now I’m the bad guy,” Wack says in a video. “He talking about he sitting down talking to with some n*ggas about a truce. How you talking to n*ggas about a truce? Can’t no n*gga out here call no shot on me. That’s the bottom line, n*gga. Run this fade, or I promise you, one day I’mm a catch you. When I catch you, it ain’t gonna be on your terms.”