Mia Khalifa Trolled Hard After Celtics Beat Her Washington Wizards

Mia Khalifa
via Twitter / Mia Khalifa

Outside of being a former adult film star, Mia Khalifa is probably one of the biggest sports fans of Washington, D.C.

She’s always tweeting about her love for NHL franchise, the Capitals, as well as the Washington Wizards. She goes hard too, trolling Celtics star Isaiah Thomas throughout the second-round of the NBA playoffs against Boston, while praising Wizards superstar John Wall

See a few of her tweets for Thomas below, poking fun at his height, in addition to her tweets of support for Wall.

With all this fandom, its only right fans of the opposing teams have fun with her, being that the Wizards were eliminated by the Celtics.

Fans of Boston trolled Khalifa hard following their loss. Some of them are just too good. Check them out below.