L.A. Reid Fired From Epic Records, Following Sexual Harassment Claims

L.A. Reid
via Steve Gawley / CC-BY-3.0

Woah!! Following news that L.A. Reid had abruptly exited his post as CEO of Epic Records, claims of sexual harassment have surfaced.

According to Billboard, a female assistant alleges “unlawful harassment of an employee” by Reid.

In a letter to Sony, the woman’s attorney detailed harassment claims she faced on a daily basis, including alleged inappropriate remarks about her appearance and clothing, as well as alleged propositions that caused her both embarrassment and distress.

The letter also reportedly threatens litigation if a settlement isn’t reached.

Furthermore, Billboard reports that Sony has launched an investigation into Reid’s conduct.

During his career, Reid has held top positions at Epic, Def Jame and LaFace Records, which was co-founded by Reid in 1989 and eventually absorbed into Sony.

Reid has not commented publicly, nor has the alleged victim.