Mobb Deeps’ Prodigy has launched the premiere episode of his new video series for Mass Appeal called “Paranoid Activity”, and the first guest is Rick Ross.

Similar to Alex Jones’ InfoWars, P plans to asks his guests “questions others are afraid to address”, while also delving into conspiracy theories.

During the first show, Prodigy and Ross talk about the Illuminati, and theories that the Miami rapper is a member.

“I’ve been making music for 20 years,” Ross explained. “I went over 10 years without making a dime in this. If I was gonna join the Illuminati, I would’ve. Don’t get me wrong. I would’ve. But i woulda done it back then… before my niggas went to jail.”

“I was so proud the first time I heard a n*gga talk ’bout I was Illuminati,” he continued. “I swear to f*ckin’ God I wanted to drink champagne and roll up some weed. I finally made it bitch! I’m above you stupid motherf*ckers!”

Elsewhere, Ross explains the meaning behind the Maybach Music logo, while addressing his controversial track “Idols Become Rivals,” which puts Birdman on blast while defending DJ Khaled and Lil Wayne.

Check out the full episode above.