Michelle Pfeiffer and Al Pacino in Scarface

Legendary actress Michelle Pfeiffer has appeared in a number of iconic films over the years, from Grease 2 to Batman Returns where she played Catwoman. But, one of her most memorable roles came in 1983 in the iconic gangster movie, Scarface.

Opposite Al Pacino, she played his love interest Elvira Hancock, but apparently Al wasn’t particularly fond of her at first… and she had to prove herself during her audition.

During an appearance on The Tonight Show this week, Pfeiffer told the story of her auditioning process and how she convinced a reluctant Pacino… but cutting him, literally, while reading for a scene.

While doing a screen test, she said she did a scene where she started throwing plates at Pacino. When director Brian De Palma yelled cut, Pfeiffer said, “There’s blood everywhere.” But, when the crew went to check Pfeiffer to see where she was hurt, they ultimately realized Pacino was the one injured.

“I cut Al Pacino, and that’s how I got the part,” she said.