via Ellen De Vos / CC-BY-2.0

Emojis are the norm in text messages and on social media, but now, you can take it to the next level… via a new artificial intelligence tool from Google.

Using the new A.I., which is part of Google’s chat app Allo, you can make your own emoji stickers based around your own selfie.

“What we’re doing with Allo is trying to find all the ways that ML can make messaging better,” Jason Cornwell, Google’s Communications UX Lead, told Cliff Kuang. “From saying the right thing at the right time to conveying the right emotion at the right time.”

Inside the Google Allo app, users can choose the “Turn a selfie into stickers” option when responding to someone. Once selected, users can take a selfie that’s immediately put through Google’s “image-recognition algorithms.” Your facial features are mapped to a kit from Cartoon Network artist Lamar Abrams, resulting in your own emoji.

Furthermore, according to Fast Co, Google estimates there are 563 quadrillion faces that could potentially be generated using the tool.

The report says the new A.I. tool began as a research project to determine if ML (machine learning) could be used to make an “instant cartoon” of a selfie.

Check out an example below: