Joe Flacco
via Keith Allison / CC-BY-2.0

Massachusetts brewery, Tree House Brewing Co., sent some beers to the Baltimore Ravens’ facility this week, containing a playful message aimed at quarterback Joe Flacco.

According to ESPN, the cans sent to the Ravens are a part of 12,000 that contain a special question on the bottom: “Is Joe Flacco elite?”

Interestingly, all employees of Tree House Brewing Co. proudly says they’re New England Patriots fans.

Packaging line operator Andrew Pillsbury is said to have come up with the idea to poke fun at the rival NFL quarterback.

Tree House Brewing co-founder Dean Rohan tells ESPN that a football question is part of the interview process at the brewery. “We ask everyone if they are a Pats fan,” Rohan said. “I know it’s not legal, but you have to be a Pats fan to be here.”

Does Tree House believe Flacco is elite?

“We go back and forth,” Pillsbury said. “In the regular season, he doesn’t look too elite. But sometimes he comes through there in the playoffs, and it gives us a little scare. But we got Tom Brady, so we’re not really worried.”