Logic Says He Was in the “Most Unhappy Place” Last Year

via Instagram / Logic

After dropping his third album Everybody last week, Logic sat down with Zane Lowe during a lengthy interview on Beats 1 radio.

During the chat, the Maryland rapper discussed a number of topics, but among the most notable came when he opened up about his struggles with anxiety.

“I was in the worst place, the most unhappy place in my life last year,” Logic revealed. “Because of my anxiety. I was going through the craziest anxiety. Bro, you don’t understand. I made millions of dollars last year, and I was so unhappy. And that just goes to show that money does not make you happy. Success doesn’t make you happy.”

According to the rapper, at the time, his life became so routine and “redundant” that it messed with him mentally.

“[It] was becoming, like, you have to do this,” Logic explained. “I have to do this if I want to buy my house, if I want to keep my manager and the label happy, and then I started doing things not for me, but because I wanted others to be happy. And then I said, screw everybody else. I have to be happy first.”

Everybody is out now. Listen to the full 40-minute interview below.