The Fidget Spinner Dates Back to the 1990s: Here’s the History

Fidget Spinner History

If you haven’t heard, the latest toy craze is the fidget spinner.

Although its exploded in 2017, the invention dates make nearly two decades, originally created by a woman named Catherine Hettinger who patented it in the 1990s. At the time, she landed a deal with Hasbro to test her spinning toy… but the toy company decided not to move forward.

Fast forward to present day, the Fidget Spinner has become the hottest toy out. Stores can’t even keep them stocked.

Unfortunately, Hettinger was forced to let her patent expire, so despite her invention’s success, she’s not seeing a dime. However, she’s since launched a Kickstarter campaign for the original Fidget Spinner, which you can help fund here.

Watch the video above for some history behind 2017’s hottest toy.