Mister Cartoon & Estevan Oriol Celebrate 25th Anniversary With Stance Socks

Mister Cartoon x Estevan Oriol x Stance Socks

Los Angeles legends, Mister Cartoon and Estevan Oriol, have been working together for the past 25 years, and to celebrate that anniversary, the two collaborated with Stance for a pair of limited edition socks.

The 25th Anniversary collection features two limited edition pairs, including an original “LA” illustration from Mister Cartoon, as well as Estevan Oriol’s iconic “LA Woman” photograph.

“Twenty five years ago, my friend DC (RIP) invited me to a record release party for one of Eazy E’s artists, whom I had done album cover art for. At this event, DC introduced me to Estevan Oriol, because Estevan and I were the only Latinos at the party. Estevan and I chopped it up and quickly found out that we were on the same mission: to take our art to the next level and travel the world,” Cartoon recalled of first meeting with his longtime partner and collaborator.

Cartoon and Oriol’s 25th Anniversary collection with Stance is available now at the brand’s online store for $16 USD per pair.