LeBron James
via Keith Allison / CC-BY-2.0

You might not have ever noticed, but LeBron James shoots and plays as though he were right-handed. But… he’s actually left-handed.

That’s right. LeBron is left-handed. He writes with his left. He eats with his left. But, when he plays basketball, he shoots right-handed and has been doing so his entire career.

After the Cleveland Cavs’ game against the Raptors earlier this week, a reporter asked him why he shoots with his right hand rather than his left… and he had a simple answer.

“The reason I’m a right-handed basketball player, I think, is probably Michael Jordan or Penny Hardaway, guys I looked up to growing up,” LeBron explained. “Seeing those guys shooting righty, I was like, ‘I guess I’ll shoot righty.’ But I’m pretty much a left-handed guy. I don’t take many of those shots, but I’m capable of making those shots. I don’t know, I just work on my craft. I work on both hands.”

As he continued his explanation, LeBron mentioned his first basketball coach, before admitting that he wished he did shoot left-handed.

“My Little League coach Frank Walker told me, ‘If you can’t make a left-handed layup, then you’re not going to be much of anything of a basketball player.’ He was the first one to teach me how to make a left-handed layup without even dribbling the ball,” he said. “I just had to take two steps, get my feet right, left foot down, right foot down, make a left-handed layup. That was the first practice I’ve ever had playing organized basketball. And from that point on, I’ve worked on it every single day. But I have no idea why I became a righty. I just thought I guess it looked cool. Until I got older and I wish I was a lefty because those shots look a lot better than our righties.”