Bow Wow Caught Fake Stuntin’ on IG, Gets Roasted!!

Bow Wow
via Instagram / Bow Wow

Bow Wow (p.k.a. Shad Moss) was called out this week, after he allegedly fake stunted on Instagram with a photo of a private jet.

The rapper posted a photo earlier in the week of a Sprinter van parked in front of a private jet, telling fans that he was on the way to New York City for a press day for Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta.

Normal stuff, right? Wrong! Someone on social media called him out, posting an image of Bow on a commercial flight, while adding: “So this guy lil bow wow is on my flight to NY. But on instagram he posted a picture of a private jet. smh”

Oh, there’s more. Online detectives later discovered the same photo Bow Wow posted on the official website of FLL VIP Trans, a “chauffeured transportation organization” located in Florida.

Bow would ultimately attempt to downplay those trying to expose him, saying, “N*gga take an old picture to say where I was and wasn’t, who do that? Yall better stop playing w me.”

Despite the explanation, social media went off, roasting him for allegedly fake stunting and kicking off a new hashtag: #BowWowChallenge. Check some of them out below. Too good.