via Tore Sætre / CC-BY-SA 4.0

Kehlani walked off the stage in Grand Rapids, MI during her “SweetSexySavage Tour” on Monday (May 8), after breaking down in tears.

The singer became emotional while explaining to fans in the crowd that she couldn’t perform.

“I truly feel like I might have to go to the hospital at this point because I feel crazy,” Kehlani said. “I’m so sorry, but I came up here and I promised my team that I would try… If you need to be refunded, I’ll take it out of my pocket and reschedule. I put that on everything. We’ll make this show happen again, but I need to go do something about this because I feel crazy.”

In March 2016, Kehlani was hospitalized and placed on a psychiatric hold following a reported suicide attempt. Given the past incident, she downplayed this recent breakdown on Instagram, telling fans she’s okay.

“thank you for the wishes,” Kehlani wrote. “still very much sick but going to get as much rest as I can today. Good news: the promoter from the show is letting us reschedule as early as top of next month, thank you really, it was really hard to get up and do that last night but I wanted to at least try. I love you Grand Rapids, I’ll be back and with a very special show.”

On Instagram, she’s since said she plans to resume her “SweetSexySavage Tour”.