Did Logic Reveal His Final Album “Ultra 85?”

via Instagram / Logic

Logic just dropped his new album Everybody last week, and there’s already talk of his next … and final album.

According to reports, his Everybody album is littered with hidden messages, including the announcement of his next album — which people believe will be his last — titled Ultra 85.

In the 44-page booklet for the album’s limited edition version, Logic explains that one must decipher a letter he wrote by reading every eighth and fifth word. If you bothered to decode this message, according to a Reddit fan, it reads: “For the real fans reading this hidden message, my next album will be called Ultra 85, and it will be the conclusion to this saga.”

Apparently, there’s clues to the alleged final album in the art work for Everybody as well. If you look closely, there’s two billiards balls laying on the ground — one is an 8 and the other is a 5. There’s also a Rubik’s Cube in the album booklet, with some shapes highlighted that also read: “U-8-5.”

“It’s going to be the story to end all stories, including my own,” Logic recently told Genius. “And then I’ma go f*cking act and get this money. Sh*t. Or I’m just going to be a husband, take care of my puppies, have some f*cking kids, and just enjoy life.”

What do you think? Will Logic walk away from rap after his next album. Sound off in the comments.