via Instagram / YesJulz

Social media maven YesJulz came under fire this week, after sharing a photo of a T-shirt with the N-word. Because of this, she was pulled from two events in Toronto.

In the original tweet, which she’s since deleted, Julz posted an image of the T-shirt along with the caption: “So… am I allowed to wear this shirt at the festival tomorrow or nah 👀.”

Someone screen-captured it below:

Immediately after posting the photo, Twitter went off with accusations of racism.

Julz later followed with a pair of tweets, one apologizing and another explaining that she was “calling out” someone who had suggested she wear the T-shirt. “Sorry if I offended anyone, that was and never is my intention,” Julz apologized in a tweet that she has since deleted.

Rapper XXXTentacion came to her defense on Twitter, but also deleted his tweet. “When she said ‘n*ggas’ she meant males, all ya’ll stupid as f*ck and need to take the hate somewhere else, tired of seeing sensitive sh*t,” he wrote in the deleted tweet.

In light of the controversy, two scheduled events removed Julz from the line-up, including the upcoming WIPP Summit and the uTOpia Music Fest.