Logic Critiques Kanye: “Your Music 20/20 But Them Political Views Blurred”

via Instagram / Logic

Logic released his Everybody album on Friday (May 5), and on it, he tackles a number of issues and topics.

From suicide on “1-800-273-8255” to equality on “Black SpiderMan,” he leaves no stone unturned. He even critiques Kanye West, as well as current political climate, on “America”. On the song, Logic calls Ye into question over his political views.

If you recall, Kanye previously said he would’ve voted for Trump (if he had voted) and even met with the the-President Elect back in December… drawing criticism from his peers.

Here’s what Logic had to say about it:

George Bush don’t care about black people
2017 and Donald Trump is the sequel
So shit, I say what Kanye won’t
Wake the fuck up and give the people what they want
Man it’s all love, but the youth is confused
Your music is 20/20 but them political views
Is blurred, and I ain’t trying to leave your name slurred
‘Cause honestly I idolize you on everything, my word
But I gotta say what need be said
‘Cause I ain’t f*ckin’ with the hat with the colors that’s white and red

Likely knowing the lyrics would create headlines, Logic took to Twitter prior to the release of EVERYBODY and praised Kanye as his idol.