RiFF RAFF Introduces His Own Marijuana Strains

Riff Raff

RiFF RAFF is the latest rapper to enter the marijuana gold rush, as he announces a partnership with Tryke Companies for the launch of two medical cannabis strains.

The rapper has introduced “Red Carpet Kush”, which according to a press release is “an uplifting, inspirational sativa”; and “Lamborghini Leg Lock”, described as “a stunningly potent Indica”.

“Itโ€™s the equivalent to when the Lamborghini came out. Imagine NASA, when it first came out with the space program. This is what this is,” RiFF RAFF says.

Both strains will be unveiled at Reef Dispensaries’ Las Vegas locations on available May 1st and in Northern Nevada on May 5th.

In addition to the marijuana venture, RiFF RAFF recorded a song and video inspired by “Lamborghini Leg Lock”, which you can check out below.