Nate Diaz
via Instagram / Nate Diaz

It’s been around eight months since Nate Diaz fought in his high-profile rematch against Conor McGregor at UFC 202 last fall. But, why?

This week, the 32-year-old told that there’s no one worth his time, adding that the UFC is getting “stagnant” with the absence of its stars — including McGregor, himself, Ronda Rousey and Jon Jones, among others.

“There’s not sh*t going on in [mixed martial arts] right now, everything’s kind of boring,” said Diaz. “Everybody’s complaining, as they should be. It’s getting stagnant out there. They need to talk about the hottest sh*t in the game, which is me and my brother.”

Diaz (19-11) goes on to say that he has no plans to fight at all this year and would be just fine sitting out.

Most believe the UFC lightweight is holding out for a trilogy fight with McGregor, but he says that’s not true. In fact, he says he was offered a fight against Tony Ferguson (22-3) at UFC 213 on July 8 in Las Vegas, but it fell through because of certain “circumstances” he demanded.

“I gladly accepted [the fight], and then it was gladly rejected,” Diaz said of a Ferguson bout. “[I said,] ‘Sure, I’ll fight him, but under these circumstances.’ Then I was ignored. Then rumors went on. I asked, ‘Why are rumors still going on if it’s not popping?’

“Then I thought, ‘Why am I going to do Conor McGregor’s f*cking work for him? No. You two fight each other, then you get a chance at the golden child right here, you know what I’m saying?'”

Diaz submitted McGregor in the second round of a welterweight fight at UFC 196, before losing via majority decision to him at UFC 202.

“If I got my ass whupped by somebody, I don’t just win a slight decision and accept it,” Diaz said. “The real champ is right here. And [McGregor and Ferguson] can fight each other and then light a fire under my f*cking ass [to take the fight]. Or if someone wants to make a scene and make a star of themselves and get me to fight, then step your game up and become a star.”

Later, Diaz commented on McGregor’s potential boxing match with Floyd Mayweather, saying he wants to fight the winner.

“Make the fight happen already. Let’s see this sh*t pop off. I’m ready to go. I’ve got winner, if anything.”|