David Geffen Sells Malibu Estate For Record $85M

David Geffen's Malibu compound

Entertainment mogul David Geffen has recently unloaded his massive Malibu compound for a reported $85 million — a record in the coastal Los Angeles-area city.

The massive oceanside estate — located on Malibu’s Carbon beach section — sits on what was originally five lots, which he ultimately combined into two. It features a swimming pool and spa, a theater, a gym and an outdoor living room with fireplace.

The buyer is unknown, other than he’s described “as a well-known businessman”, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Geffen’s now-former Malibu estate is infamous, because the beach behind it is open to the public. But, over the years, he’s done his best to deter people from gaining access.

Here’s the store according to Curbed:

Geffen has always hated the idea of the unwashed masses tramping around his propertyβ€”a part of all beaches in California are legally required to be open to the public, but Geffen has worked very hard over the decades to prevent public access by his house and the fight has ended up making this a pretty infamous spread.

In 1983, Geffen agreed to allow a pathway from Pacific Coast Highway down to the public part of the beach in front of his compound, in exchange for putting in a swimming pool and making other additions. But in 2002, he filed a lawsuit to keep people away from that access point and at some point he also built four fake garage doors along Pacific Coast Highway, removing the curb in the process, to keep people from parking on the public road in front of his house. After years of these kind of tricks both practical and legal, he finally agreed to open up a bit of the public beach in 2007, getting a “privacy buffer” in return.