Rick Ross
via Fancy

Rick Ross is a peacemaker, saying he’s recently squashed his beef with Drake.

In an interview with Fancy, the hip-hop mogul revealed the two actually met and settled things.

“We actually sat down,” Ross said. “Shoutout to J. Prince. We wasn’t even discussing anything negative. By the time we get in the room, it’s so much other things going on, that it’s already, ‘Let’s get on some money.’ But I had to make sure we sat down to have some sort of understanding. Most definitely. It’s all about trying to touch nine figures. Anything going the other direction, you may get eaten.”

The feud between Ross and Drake began after MMG signee Meek Mill got into a war with the 6 God, and although it involved one of his artists, he says he tried to stay out of the beef.

“When Meek and Drake did begin to have slight differences, I’m pretty sure if Drake was with anybody else’s camp other than Cash Money, I may have been more vocal about it, but I seen it was the two little homies,” he said. “I seen what it was — and it was smooth. I ain’t trippin’.”

Later, Ross weighed in on the perception that Drake won the battle against Meek. “Ain’t nobody get bodied,” he said. “If you think that was bodied, you buggin’. That’s light work. We got more money we finna go get.”

Prior to the issues, Ross and Drake were frequent collaborators. Only time will tell if the two work together again.