Chris Paul
via Sean Davis / CC-BY-2.0

Chris Paul gave a reporter an earful earlier this week, after being asked a ridiculous question.

During the post-game press conference of the L.A. Clippers’ Game 5 loss against the Utah Jazz on Tuesday (April 25), a reporter asked CP3 what his team’s chances are of forcing a Game 7.

“What? What you think?” an agitated Paul responded. “I’m on the team. What you want me to say, ‘No, it’s over?’ That’s what you want to hear? Yes. Come on, man. You’ve been doing this long enough. Seriously, right?”

Watch the ridiculous moment in the video below:

As of press time, the Clippers have forced a Game 7 after Los Angeles scored a 98-83 victory in Game 6 in Salt Lake City. Game 7 takes place Sunday (April 30) in Los Angeles at Staples Center.