Fresh off the release of his fifth studio album Shine, Wale appeared on The Breakfast Club to talk music, his career… and fatherhood.

First, the rapper talked about how he’s changed since the birth of his daughter.

“Yea, she’s changing me. She’s the best thing ever,” Wale says. “N*ggas think I was emotional before. God damn… you know, you on the road and that sh*t hit you. Like, ‘I miss my kids’. Me… I don’t know how other parents are, but I just go through my phone, and just be looking at her. I be crying sometimes. WTF?”

Eventually, the discussion turned to SHINE, which he says was is “all about [his] fans.”

“I just had the most positive thing happen to me, and I just wanted to project something that doesn’t seem so serious right now. There’s enough serious material out there right now,” Wale explains.

Check out the full interview above. And, if you haven’t, stream SHINE here.