via Mika Photography / Public Domain

Fresh off a recent reunion with Ruff Ryders, DMX has canceled tour dates this week due to health concerns.

While specifics are unknown, TMZ reports that the rapper was forced to cancel a show on Tuesday (April 25) due to a “medical emergency.”

Furthermore, X postponed shows in Los Angeles and San Diego due to the same reason.

The report says that people close to DMX are concerned about his health, due to recent behavior.

Last week, he reportedly drank “heavily” during the Ruff Ryders reunion concert in Brooklyn.

During the show, DMX addressed his struggles during a spoken word segment of the show. “Whenever I went through something, it brought me closer to God,” he said. “I stayed in that something, so now I’m closer to God / But being closer is hard / Because the attacks get stronger / To fight and they last longer.”

For years, DMX has struggled with drug abuse and many believe he has relapse.