Three Olives & Halsey Helped Us #FindOtherness On the Road to Coachella

Three Olives x Halsey = Find Otherness

English Vodka brand Three Olives recently introduced a new campaign called “Find Otherness”, and to help us understand what it was all about, they planned an epic adventure to kick off our Coachella Weekend.

First, let’s get to the spirit behind the campaign. “Find Otherness” celebrates people who “believe a playful spirit of eccentricity makes life more exciting”, as described in a press release. It reflects the fun and quirky spirit Three Olives is founded upon, departing from the overly serious, nightlife imagery we traditionally see from vodka branding. And, that’s exactly what they showed us, as they shuttled us from Los Angeles to Indio, Calif. … leading up to the madness at Coachella.

We met with the Three Olives team in Los Angeles early Thursday morning, a day before Coachella officially kicked off, and from there, we were jetted away in a custom tour bus, carrying the same “Find Otherness” theme the brand is trying to convey to the world.

During our trip, the Three Olives team treated a number of media and influencers to an authentic Mexican lunch at Tio’s Tacos in Riverside, Calif., while delivering delicious cocktails made with their array of flavored vodka variants (20 of them) — including the newest additions, Cucumber Lime and Fresh Watermelon. Eventually, we arrived at the Saguaro hotel in Palm Springs, where Three Olives tapped pop star Halsey to greet us and hang out for an afternoon of fun and even more cocktails.

“Finding Otherness is really about celebrating the little differences and nuances in yourself and the people around you that make you unique and make this world so diverse,” Halsey says of Three Olives’ campaign. “Most of the amazing things that we have in this life, like art, like music, like fashion, they come from the mistakes and from the accidents and from the differences. If everybody wasn’t as different and as amazing as they are, we wouldn’t be able to Find Creativity, and Find Inspiration and Find Passion in any of these things.”

“Find Otherness to me, is about identifying those differences and celebrating the glory of them,” she concluded.

In addition to Halsey, Three Olives collaborated Van Orton Design, who designed the aesthetic that brings “Find Otherness” to life, which features the duo’s signature kaleidoscopic, neon-colored works.

Check out the photo gallery above for a peek into our “Find Otherness” adventure with Three Olives, and visit their website for inspiration and more details about their range of fun flavored Vodkas.