State Bicycle Co. Reveals Two New Models: Nightshade & Matte Black 6

State Bicycle Co. Nightshade & Matte Black 6

State Bicycle Co. returns with two additions to its line of fixies (fixed-gear bicycle): the the Nightshade and Matte Black 6.

The Nightshade features six shades of purple, while the Matte Black 6 comes in a sleek matte black, as the name suggests.

Both models are available with a classic and lighter wheels set, making it easier to transport. They’re also built with advanced geometry and flexibility to customize from top to bottom. A new flip-flop hub makes it easier to transition from fixed gear to single speed. And finally, a new die-cast dropouts featuring internal chain-tensioners for a clean look.

Both bikes are available from State Bicycle Co. for $449 USD.