Back in 1986, James Cameron released Aliens, which debuted signature footwear: the iconic Reebok “Alien Stomper”, made especially for her.

To commemorate the film’s 30th anniversary, Reebok is releasing a pair of Alien Stompers this year. Drawing rich design details from original, the “Final Battle” pack consists of a two-colorway pack, coming in collectible packaging.

The “Queen” Alien Stomper is inspired by the gloss finish of the Xenomorph exoskeleton, paying tribute to the iconic Alien create. The shoe feature a high-sheen black patent leather and a green glow on the translucent midsole underneath, a nod to the Queen’s corrosive blood. The signature forefoot strap is embroidered with “XX121”, the code designation given to the extraterrestrial species.

The “Powerloader” Alien Stomper is inspired by Ripley’s battle-ready cargo suit. We see icy orange outsoles, complemented by a “safety yellow” leather upper, while red arrows reference the suit’s hydraulic movement. Debossed “PWL” heel graphics and call-outs clarify the model’s identity, including the P-5000 serial number.

Both sneakers are packaged inside an ornate box, which features symbolism from Alien. The Queen’s chamber (inner box) is decorated with an alien hive pattern, while the Powerloader bay (outer box) is modeled after the chamber that houses the suit. For the outer box, a green splatter references the alien’s acid blood burning through the container, as well as direct references to the outer lock door, and various hidden details that reference “Aliens” as well as Reebok mythography.

The Reebok Alien Stomper “Final Battle” pack releases July 18th for $325 USD.