Kim Kardashian Nearly Busts Out of Her Skimpy Bikini

Kim Kardashian
via TMZ

Kim Kardashian must have been missing the spotlight, but she returned in a big way this week, when she busted out of her bikini on the beach… and on Snapchat.

She and her sister Kourtney hit the beach in Mexico recently for a good ole’ fashioned bikini-off.

Kim rocked a skimpy striped Dior bikini, showcasing all her curves, and nearly busting out of them as she put her feet in the water.

She also took it upon herself to show off another bikini in a series of Snaps, where she seductively dances as she films a mirror selfie while on her knees.

Kourtney wasn’t too shamby. She rocked a red bikini, putting her fit body on display as well.