Friday - Ice Cube and Chris Tucker
via New Line Cinema

Talk of a fourth Friday movie dates back to at least 2011, but up until recently, the process had stalled.

Last fall, Ice Cube revealed (via Twitter) that he met with New Line Cinema about another film… and apparently, he’s been working on making it happen.

This week, actor John Witherspoon — who played the role of Craig’s (Ice Cube) father in the Friday series — confirmed that another film is coming.

“I was at the airport and I saw Ice Cube. Cube said he’s gonna do another Friday,” the actor said, during an interview with Orlando radio station Power 95.3. “He said he wanted to meet with me. He couldn’t make it, but we’re gonna meet next week and get things together.”

So far, details about the next Friday film are unknown, but Cube has consistently said he wants to bring Chris Tucker’s character Smokey back into the fold.

Stay tuned…