Hennessy Mint Julep

With the 2017 Kentucky Derby coming in just two short weeks, we offer a unique recipe for the official cocktail: the Mint Julep.

Since 1938, the American cocktail has been the Derby’s drink of choice, made of mint, sugar, bourbon and ice. But, before the Civil War — nearly 100 years prior — made foreign products like cognac hard to come by in the South, Mint Juleps were in fact made with the French spirit.

With that said, Hennessy gives us a unique French twist on an American tradition, made with their V.S.O.P Privilège. The world’s first V.S.O.P Cognac blends over 60 eaux-de-vie to achieve what Hennessy calls a “perfect harmony” — a natural balance of strength and smoothness with a long-lasting finish.

Give your Mint Julep a kick, with Hennessy’s Georgia Mint Julep recipe below.

Georgia Mint Julep
2 oz. Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilège Cognac
.25 oz. Apricot Brandy
.25 oz. Heavy simple syrup (2:1)
8 tender mint sprigs (slim stems)
Garnish: Mint Sprig, sprinkled powdered sugar
Glass: Julep Cup

Method: Place 8 mint sprigs in the bottom of the julep cup, add the liquids, now fill half full with crushed ice, stir to combine and chill, top with more crushed ice to just above the rim of the glass. Garnish with a fresh mint sprig and a small dusting of powdered sugar on top.