Adrien Broner Arrested After Police Find Him in Bullet-Riddled SUV

Adrien Broner
Instagram / Adrien Broner

Outspoken boxer Adrien Broner was arrested early Thursday morning (April 20) on an outstanding warrant, after police pulled over an SUV he was riding in… that was riddled with bullet holes.

According to Fox 19, Broner was pulled over at around 1 a.m. as his SUV entered Kentucky from Ohio.

During the traffic stop, police noticed that there were at least eight bullet holes in the rented Chevrolet Suburban he was driving. Apparently, there was a in nearby Cincinnati shortly before Broner’s arrest, and when questioned, he told police that he was targeted during that shooting.

The boxer said an unknown suspect followed him as he left a sports bar, and shortly after, that person fired several rounds at his vehicle. Luckily, he walked away unharmed.

Unfortunately, Broner had an outstanding warrant, issued in 2014 when he failed to appear in court for charges of public intoxication and disorderly conduct.