Nintendo NES Classic

Last fall, gaming fans went crazy over the release of Nintendo’s mini NES Classic, with consoles selling out instantly at retail. This month, Nintendo officially announced that it was discontinuing the limited console… causing gamers to rush to eBay to get one.

According to eBay, the day the announcement was made, two NES Classic Editions sold on the auction site every minutes.

Also, with demand increasing, some sellers are setting the NES Classic at crazy asking prices. As of press time, we’ve found listings set from $2,000 USD to as high as $25,000 USD.

Despite the pricing, it doesn’t appear any are actually selling for that high. Presently, listings on eBay are ending at around $400 USD — which is still more than six times the $60 USD retail price.

Head over to to check out the listings for the Nintendo NES Classic Edition.