Steve Stephens

Steve Stephens, known online as the Facebook killer, shot and killed himself Tuesday (April 18), following a pursuit by police.

The Cleveland man was wanted for the death of 74-year-old grandfather of 14, Robert Godwin, who he gunned down in cold blood … and posted a video of the act on Facebook.

Police have been searching for Stephens for two days and finally spotted him in Erie County, Pennsylvania. Following a brief pursuit, he committed suicide.

Stephens shot and killed Godwin as he was walking home from a family gathering on Easter Sunday.

Videos later surfaced of Stephens explaining his actions, saying he was tired and fed up with his girlfriend Joy Lane, who he called the “love of my life”, so he wanted to go on a killing spree.

He claimed he had murdered 14 people, but as of press time, just one victim has been reported.