There’s some weird liquors across the world. But apparently, a cult liquor from Chicago called Malort is being dubbed the world’s worst.

A Youtuber recorded a hilarious video of various people from around the world giving Malort a try, with each taking a shot. The reactions are priceless.

“It smells like wet dog,” one girl says before even tasting Malort.

“The aftertaste is absolutely putrid. That’s appalling. That’s utterly foul,” a UK fella says.

“I hate you Carl Jeppson. Who are you?” another says, referring to the founder of the company who made the drink — Carl Jeppson Company of Chicago.

“It’s literally like someone sprayed bug spray in my mouth,” one guys says.

“It tastes like ass. I never tasted ass before,” someone else said.

Watch the hilarious video above.