Kendrick Lamar
via ANSPressSocietyNews / CC-BY-2.0

Kendrick Lamar has the internet going crazy, after delivering his anticipated new album DAMN. on Friday (April 14). But, there’s now rumors that another is coming on Easter!!!

Could it be true?

Apparently, some are pointing to a second disc coming, potentially titled NATION.

On Reddit, there’s a theory that Kendrick’s album release is based on a Good Friday and Easter Sunday connection. (Good Friday was the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, and Easter marks his resurrection three days later.) Also, the titles — “DAMN.” and “NATION.” — come together to make “damnation.”

TDE producer/A&R Sounwave helped fuel rumors with a pair of tweets referencing The Matrix, leading many to believe that Kendrick’s albums are likened to Morpheus’ red and blue pill offering to NEO in the 1999 blockbuster.

We’re only a day away, so we’ll see if these theories prove to be true.