Travis Scott
via Instagram / Travis Scott

Travis Scott has shot to rap stardom in recent years, but back in 2009, he was just a teen trying to get his music heard online.

Reddit user Fly5597 recently rediscovered the Houston rapper’s old blog and Myspace page, which offers a rare glimpse into his world before the fame.

Scott started his blog back in November 2009, calling it 12340art. Though it never really took off, he filled it with posts about fashion and women, as well as music. There’s even a link to Scott’s old MySpace page, which features his earlier songs as one half of The Classmates.

One of the blog’s first posts is an interview with Scott and his The Classmates group member Jason Eric. They released a mixtape called B.A.P.E. while Scott was a senior in high school.

Check out Scott’s old blog here, for a glimpse at his life and interests before stardom.