Jay Z
Rich Thane / CC-BY-2.0

With TIDAL continuing to prove itself as a streaming competitor, Jay Z is helping it further by making it the only official place to listen to his past works.

According to reports, as of Friday (April 7), Jay’s music has been removed from Spotify and Apple Music.

Well, not everything. Essentially, all of his solo albums were removed and available only on TIDAL. But, his collaborative projects remain — including Best Of Both Worlds and Unfinished Business with R. Kelly, and Collision Course with Linkin Park.

For fans who are loyal to Apple, you can still purchase Jay’s solo alnbums on iTunes, but no streaming. You’ll need a TIDAL membership for that.

The move is just the latest in Jay Z’s plan to encourage his fans to move to TIDAL. Back in April 2015, he pulled his classic debut Reasonable Doubt from Spotify. Then, in 2016, he removed his Blueprint trilogy from streaming platforms.

Now, all of Jay Z’s projects over the years can only be streaming on his own TIDAL platform.

The streaming wars continue…