Russell Westbrook Did It! He Averaged a Triple-Double This Season

Russell Westbrook Ties Michael Jordan

Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook has officially clinched a triple-double average on a season, tying the great Oscar Robertson.

On Friday night (April 7), Westbrook accomplished the feat with his sixth assist… becoming the first NBA player in 55 years to average a triple-double for a season and the second in league history.

His season averages are currently 31.7 points, 10.7 rebounds and 10.4 assists. He also leads the NBA in scoring and is on track to earn his second career scoring title.

The last person (and first) to average a triple-double was Hall of Famer Oscar Robertson, way back in the 1961-62 season, when he recorded 30.8 points, 12.5 rebounds and 11.4 assists per game.

Westbrook accomplished his triple-double average while playing nearly 10 fewer minutes and around 25 fewer possessions per game than Robertson.

“I’m honored just to be mentioned in a conversation with Oscar Robertson,” Westbrook said. “The different things he did for the game of basketball to allow me to play the game today, I think that’s more important. Obviously, triple-doubles are a great thing, but the way he played the game, the era when he played the game to allow guys like me to be able basketball and be able to do things like this.”

Despite the feat, Westbrook’s Thunder lost to the Suns 120-99 on Friday night.

This season, without Kevin Durant — who left in free agency — Westbrook has led the OKC Thunder to a 45-34 record. They currently sit at sixth place in the Western Conference.

See highlights from Westbrook’s historic season above.