Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape Hits 10-Year Anniversary: Still Making Cash

By Staff  |  04/07/2017

Kim Kardashian sex tape

The video that launched the entire Kardashian empire has turned 10.

February 21 marked the 10-year anniversary of Kim Kardashian Superstar, the sex tape (also featuring Ray J) that helped launch the career of the now-reality TV mogul.

Here's some of the stats, reported by TMZ:

-- 210 million views (including online, DVD and VividTV).
-- Someone begins watching the tape every 1.5 seconds on average.
-- In 2014, it became the best-selling sex tape of all-time.

Since its release in 2007, the Kim Kardashian Superstar sex tape has earned more than $100 million USD!!

The tape continues earning to this day. Ray J previously said he receives around $90,000 every three months in residuals