Jeweler Suing Sean Kingston For Failing to Pay For Rolex

By Staff  |  04/07/2017

Sean Kingston

Sean Kingston has been hit with a new lawsuit for allegedly stiffing a jeweler for a pricey Rolex watch.

According to TMZ, Norman Silverman Diamonds has filed a lawsuit against the singer, claiming he purchased a $46,000 Rolex watch... paying $10,000 in cash upfront and then sending the remaining $36,000 via a check days later.

The jeweler mailed out the watch to someone Kingston specified, but the check bounced.

According to court docs, Norman Silver was able to collect $15,000 more to help satisfy the debt in September 2013, but since then, Kingston has not responded to the jeweler's attempts to collect the remaining $21,353 balance.

Four years later, the jeweler is suing to collect the outstanding balance, plus damages and lawyer fees.