BMX pro Nigel Sylvester has revealed a new art project, coming in the form of a bike wrapped in Louis Vuitton’s iconic monogram pattern.

Dubbed the 218 CAPUCINE, the bike was created in conjunction with upholsterer/artist Daniel McRorie (of Rickard Guy), resulting in what Nigel calls “one of the first artistic manifestations from GO”, his travel and lifestyle collective.

It also pays tribute to Louis Vuitton, while the number “218” represents the home of Nigel’s grandmother, where he first learned how to ride a bicycle in her driveway.

“It’s an ode to true craftsmanship and my love for BMX riding. The bicycle has been such an intricate part of my life and career. It has served as the key tool in my creative process, personal growth and self expression,” Nigel says.

The LV-wrapped 218 CAPUCINE bike is on display at New York City vintage store Procell (5 Delancey St) from April 6-9.