Troy Ave Calls Himself “The Second Coming of Tupac” in Breakfast Club Interview

Troy Ave
via The Breakfast Club

Since the Irving Plaza shooting in New York City last May, Troy Ave has been quiet — outside of new music — but he visited The Breakfast Club for a lengthy interview this week.

The interview lasted for over 90 minutes, where the NY rapper discusses the shooting at T.I.’s Irving Plaza last May, him getting shot in Brooklyn on Christmas Day, how things have changed around him, and even goes on to refer to himself as the “second coming” of the late 2Pac.

“I go in the motherf*cking clubs and n*ggas going crazy,” Troy Ave said. “In the clubs, in the streets where they’re playing all the f*cking trap music and all type of sh*t, n*ggas go crazy, ‘Oh sh*t, that’s Troy Ave.’ N*gga, it’s the second coming of Tupac. It’s NewPac. I go do shows, everything’s different. The handshakes is different. Women suck a n*gga’s d*ck different.”

After making the statement, Charlamagne asked Troy if he worries about getting killed like Pac.

“That’s a good question,” he replied. “I don’t know. Just take precaution. I can’t sit up here and lie and tell you all kinds of sh*t … God willing, I don’t go out like Pac.”