Netflix thumbs
via Netflix

Following the news last month, Netflix has officially announced that it’s moving away from its star rating review system, in favor of a “thumbs” model.

In a promo video rolled out on Wednesday (April 5), Netflix introduced the new system, explaining that the old system has “never been a reflection of popularity”.

“The stars are no more,” it says. “Ratings on Netflix have never been a reflection of popularity.”

“We found a better way to help you find the perfect match. It’s like of like dating apps, actually. Netflix will find shows and movies that seem like a fit,” the video further explained. “This helps Netflix get to know you better”.

“We’ve learned through over a year of testing that while we’ve used stars to help you personalize your suggestions, many of our members are confused about what they do,” Cameron Johnson, head of product at Netflix, wrote in a blog post. “That’s because we’ve all gotten used to star ratings on e-commerce and review apps, where rating contributes to an overall average, and the star rating shown next to a restaurant or a pair of shoes is an average of all the reviewers.”

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