Donald Trump's Oval Office
Facebook / White House

Since taking over as POTUS in January, it looks like President Donald Trump has made some drastic changes to the decor of the Oval Office.

The official Facebook page of The White House recently dropped a 360 degree tour of Trump’s new office, showcasing some of the changes he’s made to suit his personal tastes.

One of the immediate changes you may notice is the curtains. Former President Obama opted for rustic red and square-shaped panels while he occupied the Oval Office, and Trump went for a gold-hinted yellow and blue details along rounded drapes, as pointed out by Elle.

Behind thae desk isan end table that Obama used to display family photos, whereas Trump has it empty at this point, with a sculpture of some kind and a single photo.

Trump also switched out a few pieces around the room, including chairs, the rug, lamps and artwork.

You can check it all out in the 360 video below: