In addition to the release of his debut album Painting Pictures, Kodak Black also filmed an accompanying documentary called Project Baby… which has been released to Youtube.

Filmed by Worldstarhiphop and directed by Mandon Lovett, the doc offers a bit of Kodak’s history, from his days as a young teen coming up in Pompano Beach, Florida, all the way up to present day, leading up to his recent incarceration.

“Some people, they be thinking [I’m] dumb and shit,” Kodak says early in the documentary. “They just look at me and just already discriminate and stereotype. But, like, when I was in elementary school, I used to go to this little camp. We used to do spelling bees, and I used to beat high schoolers in spelling bees. I ain’t even know who I was spelling them words. But I just always knew I was gifted, but I was bad. I was bad, but I was smart.”

Despite the release of this documentary and his debut album, Kodak Black was incarcerated last month for violating his probation, stemming from past charges of robbery and false imprisonment.

The rapper was previously jailed in St. Lucie County for a misdemeanor marijuana possession charge and drug paraphernalia possession, after which he was extradited to Florence, SC on a sexual battery charge. But, Kodak eventually posted bond on Dec. 1 and was released from jail in South Carolina, and his legal defense has said that they are “firmly convinced” the rapper would be vindicated.

Watch the Project Baby documentary above, and you can cop his Painting Pictures album on iTunes.