Weedmaps Launching “Marijuana Oasis” For Coachella Fans

via Chmee2 / CC-BY-3.0

If you’ve looking to blaze up during Coachella next month, then Weedmaps has you covered.

The popular dispensary-locating app has teamed up with Talent Resources to provide a “Marijuana Oasis” just six miles outside the Coachella festival grounds, according to TMZ.

The Weedmaps event caters of VIP events, offering up legal access to the best California weed.

The report says the Weedmaps compound for Coachella will feature two grow houses, a “greenhouse”, and five geodesic domes, each allowing attendees to test different marijuana strains or edibles — including GenX, Brass Knuckles and West Coast Cure.

A mock-up of the event is below. But, with or without Weedmaps, we’re sure Coachella attendees will be smoking regardless.

Weedmaps at Coachella