Fetty Wap’s Jacked Chain Flashed on IG, Man Arrested in Shooting

Fetty Wap
Instagram / Fetty Wap

Following news of a shootout involving Fetty Wap on Sunday, more news has surfaced.

Paterson, NJ police have arrested a “longtime rival” of Fetty Wap named Raheem Thomas in connection with the shooting. He’s been charged with aggravated assault and three weapons possession charges, reports TMZ.

For those not following, Fetty Wap was involved in a dispute outside an all-night deli in South Paterson, NJ early Sunday morning (March 26). Reports said someone robbed the rapper of his chain and cash, which ultimately led to gunfire.

Three men, not affiliated with Fetty, were wounded during the shooting.

Following the altercation, Thomas flashed Wap’s stolen chain on Instagram. He claimed he didn’t personally take the chain from Fetty, but instead, only took a photo with it.

Fetty Wap's chain

While details are sketchy, TMZ reports that Fetty Wap and Thomas have a “deep rooted” beef, stemming from music deals that had in the past.

Stay tuned…