Puff Daddy Recalls First Time Meeting Notorious B.I.G.


With the 20th anniversary of the Notorious B.I.G.’s passing earlier this month, Puff Daddy recalls the first time he met the now-legendary rapper.

While sitting down with REVOLT TV cameras, the hip-hop mogul tells the story of their first meeting, explaining how he met Biggie at NYC soul food eatery Sylvia’s Restaurant of Harlem, and was amazed about how “big and black” he was.

“He’s really, really, really dark skin,” Diddy recalled. “This was around the time of Al B. Sure and LL Cool J. Dark skin wasn’t in, and he was beyond dark skin.”

Apparently, the moment was so life-changing for B.I.G. that he was quiet and didn’t even want to eat. “I could tell that this was really his dream, he couldn’t even eat…” said Diddy.

Obviously, BIG and Puff would go on to make multiple platinum records, cementing Biggie as one of the greatest ever. RIP BIGGIE!